What are MRO Coordinated Observations?

ODE supports the MRO concept called a “Coordinated Observation”, a planned observation involving multiple instruments at a given location and time. The source of these planned observations is the MRO science operations group. ODE tracks these planned coordinated observations and then correlates them to PDS products that resulted from the planned coordinated observation. This allows users to find and view related products from HiRISE, CRISM, CTX, MCS, and even the Mars Phoenix Lander. Users can access the coordinated observations and their products via the Coordinated Observation page and via the related products tab of the product details page. In the case of Mars Phoenix Lander data, the user is connected to the PDS Geosciences node Phoenix Analyst Notebook.

A warning about coordinated observations: Sometimes the planned observations do not take place, or are delayed, or some instruments do not participate as planned. ODE uses the available information as best it can to locate data products from coordinated observations, but the results may be incomplete. ODE users should also be aware that MRO data products are not archived in PDS until at least six months after they are acquired.