LRO DIVINER Global Cumulative Product (GCP)

GCP – Global Cumulative Product

Instrument:Diviner Lunar Radar Experiment

PDS Data Set ID: LRO-L-DLRE-5-PRP-V2.0

For more information about Diviner GCP products, see the RDR and Derived Product SIS.

For more information about all Diviner products, see the Diviner Archive SIS.

The Diviner Lunar Radar Experiment Global Cumulative Products (GCP) are derived from Diviner Level 1 RDR radiances binned at 2 ppd and 0.25 hours of local time from a compilation of all nadir observations acquired from 5-July-2009 to 1-April-2015 as described in Williams et al. (Icarus 283, 300-325, 2017, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2016.08.012). Each file contains a single header line followed by a line for each bin containing brightness temperatures derived from the binned radiance for the seven infrared channels and the bolometric brightness temperature as described in Paige et al. (Science 330, 479-482, 2010, doi:10.1126/science.1187726). Each line represents the mean brightness temperature for each latitude, longitude bin and solar local time bin. The data set is global and split into 18 files representing 10° bands of latitude (e.g. 0° to 10° N, 10° to 20° N, and so on), and all longitudes from -180°E to +180°E. Bins that contained no data are represented with a MISSING_CONSTANT = -9999.

Diviner GCP products have the following file names:

GLOBAL_CUMUL_AVG_CYL_aadbbd_rrr.TAB (with detached PDS label)


aa = 2-digit minimum latitude

d = direction

N = north

S = south

bb = 2-digit maximum latitude

d = direction

N = north

S = south

rrr = 3-digit resolution in pixels/degree (currently only 2 pixels/degree products)

In ODE, GCP products have the following product IDs: