LRO DIVINER Polar Resource Product (PRP)

PRP – Polar Resource Product

Instrument:Diviner Lunar Radar Experiment

PDS Data Set ID: LRO-L-DLRE-5-PRP-V2.0

For more information about Diviner PRP products, see the RDR and Derived Product SIS.

For more information about all Diviner products, see the Diviner Archive SIS.

The Diviner Lunar Radar Experiment Gridded Data Record Level 4 Polar Resource Products (PRP) are produced from thermal model fits to Diviner north and south polar observations from the first year of mapping orbit as described in Paige et al. 2010 (doi:10.1126/science.1187726). The derived quantities are: annual average surface temperature, annual maximum surface temperature, and depth to water ice permafrost. The results for the north and south polar regions are contained in separate ASCII files. Each line of the file corresponds to a triangular mesh element in a north or south polar digital elevation model derived from the Kaguya laser altimeter experiments (Araki et al., doi:10.1126/science.1164146). The mesh consists of 2,880,000 triangles and covers a square region centered on the pole to 80 degrees latitude.

The north PRP is named DLRE_PRP_NORTH.TAB, with its corresponding label file. The south PRP is named DLRE_PRP_SOUTH.TAB, with its corresponding label file.

In ODE, the PRP products have the following product IDs: