LRO LOLA Experiment Data Record (EDR)

EDR – Experiment Data Record

Instrument: Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter

PDS Data Set ID: LRO-L-LOLA-2-EDR-V1.0

For more information about LOLA EDR products, see the EDR Product SIS.

For more information about all LOLA products, see the LOLA Archive Volume SIS.

The Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) Experiment Data Record (EDR) data product consists of time-ordered, round-trip, time-of-flight ranges to the lunar surface, preceded by housekeeping and ancillary data. The EDR consists of raw, uncalibrated data. The EDR data product is stored in a binary table with fixed-length records. Record columns consist of status flags and counts, 1-4 bytes in length, generally stored in MSB order. The noise counters, which are 2-byte LSB integers, are an exception.

The orbital period of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft varies somewhat depending on mission phase, and is approximately 112-114 minutes induration. EDR files number approximately 12.7 per day.

EDR products are generated with a detached PDS label, in one-to-one correspondence with the files generated on the LRO spacecraft, corrected for transmission errors, gaps, and duplicates where possible. The EDR product contains no spatial information.

LOLA EDR products have the following file names:

LOLAEDRyydddhhmm.DAT (with detached PDS label)


yydddhhmm = UTC start time of observations, rounded to the minute

In ODE, EDR products have the following product IDs: