LRO LOLA Reduced Data Record (RDR)

RDR – Reduced Data Record (See Tools: LOLA RDR Query Tool)

Instrument: Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter

PDS Data Set ID: LRO-L-LOLA-3-RDR-V1.0

For more information about LOLA RDR and derived products, see the RDR Product SIS.

For more information about all LOLA products, see the LOLA Archive Volume SIS.

The Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) Reduced Data Record (RDR) data product consists of time-of-flight ranges to the lunar surface and ancillary data that have been located in a geodetic coordinate frame about the center of mass of the Moon. The Experiment Data Record (EDR) data product is the source of the measurement data. After range calibration and orbital processing, the range to each laser spot is located on the surface using the spacecraft trajectory, attitude history, and a lunar orientation model in order to produce an altimetric datum, one record per laser shot. The range profiles are organized into an RDR product containing calibrated, geolocated pulse returns, radii and energies.

The LOLA RDR data products are stored as fixed-length, fixed-format binary tables. LRO data use lunar planetocentric/body-fixed coordinates and east-positive longitude from 0 to 360 degrees.

LOLA RDR products have the following file names:

LOLARDR_yydddhhmm.DAT (with detached PDS label)


yydddhhmm = UTC start time of observations, rounded to the minute

In ODE, RDR products have the following product IDs: